TransitionHub brings people together to navigate meaningful change.


we support companies to transition people with a new sense of collaboration.

With the world of work changing and the workforce of the future becoming more agile, companies are needing a human solution for redeploying within and transitioning people out of their organisations.

Enter Transition Hub.

Reenergize Your People

a curated journey of discovery.

Leadership, collaboration, communication and creativity form part of an experiential journey that will ignite a new sense of passion and possibility within your teams. Whether you are seeking to develop change agents within your business, or offer support to those being redeployed, Transition Hub provides a place for people to recalibrate, build confidence and adapt to the future.


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The future of work consists of learning a living.

– Marshall McLuhan

The future of work is social.
I haven’t got a doubt about it.

– Luis Suarez


Reignite Your Career

from your home to ours.

Becoming part of the Transition Hub community provides holistic support to the people you care about that you have to let go.

As part of a connected cohort, Transition Hub offers an intensive 7-week career development accelerator supported by 2-months membership at WeWork, anywhere in the world.


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our team.

Transition Hub is powered by High Performance Coaching, who are known around the world for their unique blend of personal and professional development.

For over a decade, High Performance Coaching have harnessed their passion, energy and warmth to create learning experiences that are immersive, transformative and most of all, fun.

Today, our community includes a worldwide team of performance coaches, personal brand specialists, psychologists, financial advisors, mentors and recruiters who are passionate about supporting people through transition.


Meet Our Team

our global home.

WeWork is the heart and soul of Transition Hub.

More than just the best place to work, WeWork is on a mission to humanise work, bringing energy and focus to create workspaces that facilitate creativity, community and connection.

With a global network where companies and people grow together, there is no better home for Transition Hub.

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