The New Community

By Louise Watts – Transition Hub Founder & Director

“Once the concept for Transition Hub was clear in my mind, it became obvious that it needed a physical and global home. A few weeks after returning from New York where the idea for Transition Hub was crystallised, I was in a lift in Sydney en route to a meeting when I saw a sign saying ‘WeWork : do what you love. Opening soon’.

So, as I went into the meeting, I took a photograph of the sign and sent it to my business partner Karen Thomas. By the time I came out of the meeting I had found out that WeWork was set up in New York in 2010 and that it was built around a community framework inspired by its founders’ childhood experiences. Little did they know what they were really on to!

The two founders of WeWork, Adam Neumann and Miguel McKelvey, both spent time in their early lives respectively in a kibbutz and a commune and there is much of the communal living spirit inherent in WeWork’s function and purpose today. This notion of creating a physical space for community and sharing is what made WeWork appeal to us and is why we have chosen WeWork as the global home for Transition Hub.

Through the HPC Global network back in 2017 we were connected to WeWork’s executive team in the US and to their Chief of Staff, Joel Steinhaus. They were excited and firmly believed in our vision for the future of work. Transition Hub offers an extension of what WeWork does for a different channel, a new channel, of those who are in transition. Many people who will be part of Transition Hub might not necessarily be of the mind-set to sign up to a WeWork themselves. Having recently lost a job or starting out on a new path, many people might not automatically think of themselves as worthy of this opportunity or know what to do in this space.

Transition Hub offers these individuals a safe place to gather and will create communities that support and inspire each other. This won’t purely be predicated on being in the same place, but in collaborating and coming up with ideas for each other. This will take a co-working space like WeWork to a whole new level where people will feel absolutely like they belong, where there are people that they can turn and speak to versus having solo journeys in the same space.

I think co-working spaces are in need of a further intervention to help people open up to ideas with people who are in the same space. Creating an environment with people to turn to will prevent individuals from feeling alone and will normalise this process of transition which we will all go through at some stage or another.

The mission of Transition Hub is to make lives, not just a living, and Transition Hub represents the start of a new global community. Transition Hub is a new professional market place which is both a gathering spot and meeting place for those exiting their professional pasts and entering into their professional futures.

The transformation that individuals need to achieve cannot be accomplished alone and, in today’s technological era, people have lost many of the physical places where they could gather, share and support each other. Transition Hub offers a new future and a new community that values wellbeing and personal fulfilment and is positioned at the centre of the global work revolution.”

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